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A nationwide network of around 200+ hearing aid audiologists

Wherever you are located, we usually have two or three hearing aid audiologists within that area to cater for all your hearing loss needs at a time that is convenient for you – in clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

Free home visits

Unlike some hearing aid providers, our hearing tests and other hearing healthcare services can be done at home and come at no additional cost.  This means that wherever you are – we can come to you.  Be aware that some other companies may not offer this service and many of them positively discourage it.

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Benefits of home visits and impartial advice

Let’s take a look at some of the most common advantages of hearing healthcare home visits below:

  • The majority of appointments with hearing aid dispensers are actually fine-tuning appointments. The best place to fine-tune a hearing aid is in an acoustic environment in which the aids will be worn – most commonly your home.
  • If you’ve worn digital hearing aids before and had adjustments made in a shop or clinic you may appreciate that the full implication of these fine-tuning sessions is sometimes not realised until you get home (and then it’s too late).
  • Many hearing aids today incorporate “wireless” technology. This can involve connecting accessories to your television or telephone etc. This cannot be done remotely unless you want to do it yourself.
  • Many of our clients either do not wish to travel or cannot travel for necessary ongoing appointments. These appointments are included in the cost of the hearing aids.
  • Whilst you may be in a position to travel right now, will things still be the same in five, six or so years time? Hearing aids should last at least 5 years and very often much longer. Aftercare is included for the life of the hearing aids.
  • Our digital hearing aid audiologists are actually working in your vicinity all the time. Should you require urgent attention, we can respond very quickly.
  • Most people’s homes are quiet enough to perform a hearing test.  This is done using headphones which eliminate most external noises. “Insert headphones” are used if noise levels are too high. High street shops and busy hospitals/clinics need soundproof booths – that’s why they usually use them.
  • The equipment these days is very light and portable.  Many functions are carried out on a laptop computer.
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