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We offer home visits at no extra cost

Local home visiting services for hearing healthcare

Can hearing aid tests be done at home? Are hearing tests free?  These are common questions when searching for a local audiology home visiting service, whatever the reason.  Unlike some hearing aid providers, our hearing tests can be done at home and come at no additional cost.
Hearing Aid UK has always offered all their customers free home visiting services and home visits for hearing aids – Including hearing tests, fittings, maintenance, check-ups and much more in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

Nationwide coverage

Our network of over 200 audiologists provides professional nationwide coverage. This means we can provide home visits for hearing aids services throughout the UK.  So wherever you live, there is always one of our independent audiologists covering your area and ready to assist all your hearing healthcare needs.
We continue to be dedicated to giving our customers flexibility in the way they receive their hearing healthcare and whilst our audiologists can operate in shops, clinics or day centres – there are a lot of benefits to our home visiting services too.
In fact, some people prefer them and in some cases, they can be a lifeline to others due to their health limitations or various personal circumstances. 

Reasons why people prefer home visits

  • Your hearing aids will be tuned in the most realistic environment possible
  • You’ll get help connecting to your wireless devices
  • You can strike up a personal relationship with the audiologist
  • It’s much more convenient
  • Home visits tend to be better for older adults
  • You pay the same price for a more bespoke service
  • Better for those who are unable to attend a clinic for health or logistic issues

Which hearing aid retailers in the UK do home visits?

You’d be surprised how many highstreet retailers don’t offer home visits in any capacity – or if they do the service is very limited or chargeable.  Hearing aid dispensing started as a tailor-made home service, but today’s audiology prefers to operate their services in their clinics or practices. This has always surprised us, as most people with hearing loss tend to be the most vulnerable and need such bespoke services. 
To bring clarity, below are the main highstreet hearing aid providers and what they currently offer:

NHS home visits

Like NHS hearing aid drop-in clinics, the NHS service can organise hearing healthcare home visits, but this sometimes depends on what area you live in.  If NHS hearing test home visits and hearing aid services are available locally, then chances are you’ll be waiting weeks for an appointment.

Boots Hearingcare home visits

Before David Ormerod Hearing Centres rebranded as Boots Hearingcare they did originally provide their patients with a home visiting service.  Now they can only provide in-store appointments and do not offer Boots hearing aids home visits or hearing tests at home.

Specsaver’s Hearing home visits

Specsavers Hearingcare is quite accommodating if you are unable to visit the store, for whatever reason – they will book an appointment at home for you.  Although we are unsure as to what exactly those audiology services might be, we do know that an at-home visit, with Specsavers, will cost you approximately £100.  

Hidden Hearing home visits

With this company having locations in both England and Wales, Hidden Hearing can cater to those who require a home-visiting service at no extra charge.

Bloom Hearing home visits

Similar to Hidden Hearing, Bloom Hearing can also accommodate their patients with an at-home service for their hearing loss needs for no additional fee.

Amplifon home visits

Currently, Amplifon does offer a home visiting service, but this is a chargeable service at around £30.  It is important to know that they are unable to provide this service nationwide – please check whether your location is covered.

Scriven’s home visits

Scrivens is a small audiology company and does not at this time provide any home visiting services – whether this will change, we are unsure.  No matter who you book with – always check if there is an additional fee before arranging an appointment to avoid any surprises.

Our hearing tests home visits

Along with our audiologists, we cover the whole of the UK.  So, if you have a busy lifestyle, don’t want to miss work, have logistic problems or need a little more privacy – we can come to you. 

Our hearing test for the elderly

We also assist the needs of the elderly with their hearing loss – either at home or in assisted living accommodation.  We believe that no one should be restricted from hearing the sounds of life.  

Our hearing aid fittings at home

So, you’ve chosen your audiologist and have arranged for a hearing test.  After analysing the results of your audiogram, your hearing loss needs, your lifestyle, the technology you require and how much connectivity you would like – you’re ready to be fitted with the right hearing aids for you. 
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